Attachment B – UNIFORM

Annex B

the Statute of the Military Order of S. Bridget of Sweden


The use of the uniform is not compulsory

The cruciform mantle is mandatory for Knights and Dames

Article 1


The Knights wear in the official ceremony, a special uniform that consists of a black double-breasted jacket with two rows of gold buttons, collar and cuffs of blue velvet, blacks pants with gold band, gold epaulettes, black shoes, gold spurs, gold belt, white gloves.

A pearl grey mantle with blue velvet collar and bearing, at the left shoulder, the Cross of the Order; for the Knights of Justice, the Cross is bordered by a golden thread.

Article 2

Grades on the uniforms

a. The badges of rank and office to be embroidered on the cuffs and collar

b. Prince and Grand Master General: a wreath of olive leaves, a cord and a gold ribbon

c. Lieutenant General are adorned with a wreath of olive leaves and a gold ribbon

d. Knights of Collar: a lace and three gold stripes

e. Knights of Grand Cross and a cord and two gold stripes

f Department official Knights a cord and a gold stripe

g Knights Commanders three gold stripes

h Knights Officers two gold stripes

i Knights a golden stripe

The Knights who hold positions in the Grand Magisterium, or the Grand Council have the last stripe rimmed with red.

Knight aide-de-camp wear the golden cords on the right side of the uniform

Article 3


The Knights wear a black two-cornered hat, trimmed with black feathers, white for the Grand Master; on the right has mounted a small Cross of the Order while on the left must be mounted the badges of rank as for the uniform reduced format.

signed Count Federico de Castello Abbate Orleans