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Attachment A

the Statute of the Military Order of S. Bridget of Sweden


Article 1

The Cross of the Order is a golden bifurcated cross, enamelled in blue, from whose lower leg flickers a red flame.

The cross is surmounted by the military trophy and the royal crown for the category of Justice, for those of Magistral Grace only by the crown, while on the Cross of categories of Honour and Merit there is no trophy or crown.

Article 2

The Knights of Grand Cross with Collar bears the Cross of the Order to the neck attached to a collar composed of small crosses, interspersed with the letters S. B. in gold, intertwined. The cross is surmounted by the crown and the military trophy.

For the category of honour the cross is simple.

The Knights of Collar wear a plaque made up of the Cross of the Order superimposed on a bright gold star of eight points on the left side of the jacket.

The Grand Master and Grand Masters’ fees on the right side of his jacket pinned a cross of the Order wear as distinctive Master of the Supreme Authority on the right side of his jacket.

Article 3

The Bailiff and the Knights of Grand Cross wear the Cross of the Order suspended from a “Moir” silk dark red coloured band, partitioned lengthwise of the argentine flag (in honour and remembrance of the first High patron who was President of the Republic of Argentina), in the extent of one fifth, 10 cm wide, which goes from his right shoulder toward the left side, where the category of Justice, while the only crown when they belong to the category of Magistral Grace, simple if they belong to the category of Merit and Honour; moreover, they wear a plate made up of the Cross superimposed on an eight-pointed star on the breast, in gold for the category of justice and silver for the categories of Magistral Grace, Merit and Honour.

Article 4

The Knights Grand Officer of Justice and those of Magistral Grace, Honour and Merit wear the Cross around their neck suspended by a silk ribbon with the colours of Order of 45 mm surmounted by both crown and trophy for the category of Justice, and the only by the crown if they belong to the category of Magistral Grace, also on the left side of the chest, also wearing a plate consisting of a cross superimposed on a 4-pointed star in gold for the category of Honour and in Silver for the other categories.

Article 5

Knights Commanders wear only the Cross to the neck as prescribed for the respective categories.

Article 6

Knights Officers of justice, grace, masterful, merit and honour bear the Cross of the Order required for the respective categories, smaller than that of the Commander, on the left of the breast suspended from a ribbon of the colours of the Order of 30 mm, on the ribbon are the initials S. B. in gold, and class of Honour has, instead of letters, a rosette of the same colour of ribbon.

Article 7

The Knights of the four categories bear the respective Cross provided for the two categories as the Knights Officers but lacking in letters or rosette.

Article 8

The Dames wear the insignia prescribed for the respective ranks and grade equal to those established for the Knights

Signed Count Federico de Castello Abbate Orleans

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